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Whatever the need, LoansOne has the business finance solution. Best of all, most solutions are funded in just 24 hours.

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We have all of your business finance needs covered in the one place. Once we know your needs, we will also ensure you are getting the best business loan product to suit those needs

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It takes less than a minute to apply online, get approved through one of our business loan experts, and get funded fast. It’s that simple!

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3-24 month terms, cash flow friendly repayments


Time is Money

No having to make appointments, or send in piles of paperwork. We keep everything simple and minimal. We understand that you have better things to do with your time, like running your business.


Simple Online Application

Our online application takes less than a minute to complete, and within the following hour (during business hours) we make all the magic happen. If approved, you receive your funds the following business day.


Financially Take Off

The biggest thing that restrains a business is lack of capital. Our aim is to change all of that, which is why we work the way we do. We look for the business loan that best suits your business situation and therefore provide a solution to help unlock your business potential.


Consolidate debts

Nobody wants varying business and personal debts that need to be paid separately. Save the inconvenience and compile them into one business loan, therefore only one payment needs to be made and it is often a money saver too. Personal and Business Debt Consolidation is one of the solutions we offer.

Be Part of The Business Loan Revolution

Gone are the days of going to the bank to almost beg for an ‘off the shelf’ business loan. Here at LoansOne, we are about finding a business finance solution for every business need. The best part is, it can be done without having to leave your office or home.

By taking a minute to complete our online application form, you are unlocking more possibilities for your business and all in one place. We work to get you the best loan solution and best rate, no hassles.


Enjoy the Experience

Getting a Business Loan is now as easy as ordering a pizza. We have taken out any complexity and have our business lending team eager to help get you and your business to where you need to be and as fast as possible.

As soon as your application arrives on our screens, our team of experts get straight to work and within no time, you will be on the phone answering a couple of questions to make sure we get you the best solution.


A Bad Credit History Is Not The End Of The World

Many business lenders only want to pick clients that have a spotless credit history. However, we don’t work like that. We help business owners, regardless of credit history. We understand that running a business can be unpredictable, so why should business growth be stalled by something that happened in the past. We have a business finance solution that can help almost all businesses.


We Have Business Finance Solutions That Can Help All Situations

Yet another thing that makes LoansOne stand out is our wide variety of solutions for businesses. We have every type of business loan product at our disposal, whether it be a Short Term Business Loan for just a month, a 2nd mortgage to help your business or even a business loan with no security required. You ask and we deliver.