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Finance For Importers

Fund Your Business Imports

Getting into international trading can be a profitable proposition for aspiring Australian entrepreneurs. As the country sits in the intersection of Asian, Pacific, and American trade routes, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to acquiring amazing imported goods that you can mark up and sell for a profit.

However, an import business is not necessarily the easiest to set up because of the initial investment involved in paying for the cost of your preliminary inventory of products, the cost of shipping these goods, and the cost of your trading operations for the first few months. Without considerable funding, you could go broke even before you get your business off the ground. When you need a fast line of credit to jumpstart your enterprise, then an import line of credit from LoansOne is the right solution for you.

Fund Your Australian Import Business with an Import Line of Credit

In an import business, you will most likely need the flexibility of using your funds at your own discretion depending on your current cash flow requirements. An import line of credit provides you exactly this kind of convenience. It’s a flexible, open-ended revolving line of credit that is available to fund your import transactions at any time. With an import line of credit from LoansOne, you’ll be able to draw down a portion of your loan to import goods from abroad or to pay for any other business essentials whenever you have to.

The advantages of an import line of credit from LoansOne include the following:

  • The application is free of charge
  • Nationwide loan applications
  • Loans up to $300,000
  • Apply online in a few minutes, get same-day approval
  • Funding possible within just 24 hours
  • Option to consolidate debt for easier repayments

Finance for importers has never been this easy, fast, and convenient!

Realise Your Goal of Starting and Growing an Import Business in Australia

When you decide to establish an import business, you become part of a tradition that stretches back thousands of years and encompasses hundreds of civilisations. Think of the Silk Road that connected the ancient polities of Europe, Africa, and Asia, or the Galleons of Manila and Acapulco that traversed the Pacific to bring goods between the Far East and the Americas.

Today, importing is not the sole domain of nations and huge conglomerates, but as an owner of a small- or medium-sized business, you may face financial challenges that big companies will have no trouble dealing with.

You can level the playing field by funding your import business with an import line of credit from LoansOne. Whether you’re importing Korean beauty products, Japanese electronics, African furniture, or South American cigars, our team of business loan experts are prepared to lend you a helping hand. Call us now at 03 8685 8585 to learn more, or send your enquiries via our contact page.

Finance for importers


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