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Keeping Your Employees Happy

Keeping Your Employees Happy
13 Wednesday 2019

Keeping Your Employees Happy

It can be hard to find good employees that have the loyalty and hardworking attitude that most employers look for. Workers make up a huge part of your success as a business and finding the right team can be difficult. But once you have found that perfect combination of people, your business will run smoothly. However, keeping these highly sought after people can be the tricky part. You still need to put time and effort into your staff once they are hired.

1. Reward Them

Reward initiative. If your employee has exceled and proven themselves within the workplace then they should be rewarded. Having a good rewards program in place will motivate your staff and they will be more likely to keep achieving great things for your business.

2. Give Them Responsibility

Giving your employees tasks and jobs to do can make them feel like a valued part of the business. Ensure to give them their space to prove themselves and complete these tasks (micromanaging in not an effective way to motivate your staff).

3. Verbal Positive Reinforcement

Verbally conveying your appreciation can be a very powerful thing. Simply telling your staff that they are doing a good job will make them feel like a valued member of the team. This will create a respect for you and give them the drive to do their work to best of their abilities. Make sure you praise the individual for their individual work also. Speaking genuinely to your staff member about their accomplishments will show you appreciate their work.

4. Ask For Their Opinion

Asking your staff for their input will make your staff feel like they are important and contributing to the business. Having team meetings for them to express their ideas is a good way to get feedback. Their contribution could help your business grow and should not be underestimated.

For whatever reason, workers can move on so appreciate your staff to help keep them within your business as long as possible.