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Growing your business with social media

Growing your business with social media
7 Saturday 2018

Growing your business with social media

With big players like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, engaging with customers and clients has become that much easier. The days of having to pay large sums of money to get your brand/business in a newspaper or magazine are long gone, now you can reach out you clients and customers directly on their phones!

Across all of the platforms on offer, there are 100’s of millions of users active at any given time! Now, a lot of business owners just lose a bit of hope because they may not have the millions of followers or they may not have large amounts of engagement.

However, if slowly grow your following in a natural way, not by spamming, it doesn’t matter if you get 10-15 people engaging with your business each day or week. Those 10-15 people are people that would not have otherwise seen your business if it wasn’t for your social media efforts.

Like everything, if you slowly begin and continually chip away, the results will show as time goes on. It’s now becoming the new way for businesses of all types to get information out and it’s really a matter of if you can keep up with all of the content that customers and clients demand.

In terms of what is the best to use to actually grow your business, the social networks differ slightly in what they can offer.

Instagram is really the best when it comes to simple display of images, video and GIFs. Instagram also uses features such as swiping up, which allows the user to follow a link that has been set and creates a new interactive experience for the user.

Facebook is great for posting updates that use text and also posting content and linking it back to a blog. On Instagram, the area where the text is displayed, is below the image/video, so the focus is more on the actual image rather than the text. However, on Facebook, the text is placed above the image/video, which allows focus to be drawn to the text as well as the actual visual content that has been provided.

Snapchat is a different experience to Facebook and Instagram, the content is all images and videos, however, this can also be very useful. Snapchat uses similar features such as swiping up to view pages, stories and now there is the ability to publish ads on Snapchat too.

With these features, the gap between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has really closed and it is really about the how they display your content, rather than how you can reach the masses.

Every day, there are millions of people using these social networks and the opportunity to reach the masses with your idea, has never been easier!