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Financial Checklist Before Christmas

Financial Checklist Before Christmas
12 Wednesday 2018

Financial Checklist Before Christmas

As the final month for the year is upon us we really need to tie up loose ends and start thinking about the New Year which is around the corner.  Hence, providing you with a helping hand with the following financial tips:

Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Take some time to acknowledge the financial goals you had budgeted for in the year. Perhaps you had planned to refinance your mortgage, purchase a new car or go on a holiday. Whether you achieved them or not?  If not, assess why you didn’t attain those goals? By doing this you can have a better understanding as to where you can improve on your savings, and see if you can successfully achieve your goals in the New Year. For instance, if you wanted to travel this year and you didn’t end up travelling, perhaps you can spend less and budget more strictly to attain your travelling goal.

Time to review your energy plans

Summer normally means hotter days and nights bringing about more family barbeques and an increase in the use of Air Conditioners, bringing about higher energy bills. It’s, therefore, a good time to do some homework and find a better value electricity and gas energy plan.

Be cautious when shopping Online

Christmas shopping can take its toll, shopping for friends and family can more often result in using a credit card.  With a lot of the credit card providers charging up to 3% per transaction in fees, your payment in extra fees and charges can quickly escalate and most likely are preventable. Always make the most of your options and look into finding a credit card that offers minimal fees and doesn’t charge you international transaction fees.

A good time to give back to the community

Christmas is a time of joy, happiness and giving, unfortunately for many people, this is not always true. Some people simply don’t have enough funds to celebrate or they don’t have any family to celebrate with. So why not put a smile on somebody else’s face during Christmas? Perhaps make a donation to a charity of your choice and ensure you attain a receipt. This way you feel better about yourself and may claim the cost as a tax deduction in your Income Tax Return.

Seek a Personal Loan for Christmas

Christmas time is an eventful time and our social calendar is mostly busy. Usually, consisting of shopping trips to purchase gifts, lunch catch up dates with friends and/or family or going on a holiday. We then tend to run out of money quickly and require more funds. Why not consider a Personal Loan? Which a lot of the times can be attained with a lower interest rate and offer manageable repayment options, when compared to a credit card.